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Smile Again Ministries is a 501(c)3 nonprofit ministry, serving families who have lost a child, offering a retreat experience and counseling services to surviving parents and siblings.  Our mission is to help hurting people find peace and hope.

We've Reached Our $50,000 Goal!

The final figures for the Celebration of Life are in and we have reached our $50,000.00 goal! We are so thankful to God and to everyone who gave to make this goal a reality. We had to wait until now to let you know because we had some checks coming our way (we were told via email or phone calls), and wanted to wait until we had them in hand.

 Three furry friends coming to visit us at Whitetail Lodge. Guests LOVE seeing our deer population.

Three furry friends coming to visit us at Whitetail Lodge. Guests LOVE seeing our deer population.

While fund raisers always seem to be about money, what Celebration of Life is really about is people. Your financial gifts enable us to reach into the homes and lives of people who have suffered the loss of a child. We wish we could tell you all the stories we hear each year at Whitetail Lodge. And although we cannot do that, we want you to know your support really does help people take steps to grieving in a healthier way.

One family wrote to us this Christmas saying, “Words cannot describe how blessed we were by our trip to Smile Again! We felt loved, heard, and completely understood. The best gift we received was not merely the ministry you provided, but rather yourselves. We are so grateful for the way you shared your own journey with us. We loved getting to know you and to spend a weekend healing and finding our way with your help.”

Meeting this goal enables us to reduce our mortgage debt by $35,000.00. This is another step toward the pay-off of our mortgage which will make more funds available for services to guests like the ones who wrote us above. Thank you again for making Smile Again Ministries possible! We love you, Pat & Judy

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Background photo: the forest surrounding Whitetail Lodge,
Smile Again Ministries' retreat center.

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